What are the origins of poker?

Poker is a card game that interests a lot of people. You may be a fan of the game, but have you ever wondered about its origins? Actually, poker has many different origins. They are subject to debate because they are different in every country. It might be interesting to discover the origins of poker through its history!

Discover the history of poker

Poker has a very rich history, because according to its history, it goes back 2 or 3 centuries. Its origin is not clear and is therefore subject to debate. Its many origins come from various countries and games that have been played for ages.

Multiple origins

Poker would refer to a game of Iranian origin "as nas", which was introduced to America by former European sailors. After the description of this game, it can be seen that it does not predate the first sources that mention poker. This origin is therefore not proven. Moreover, poker is similar to bounty or three of a kind, a game of French origin that was very successful in England, Spain, France and Italy in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The bounty is considered to be the ancestor of poker, as it dates back to the Renaissance. Poker was rather known at the time as bambara or golfo. On the other hand, brag is a game of English origin in which the notion of bluff is used.

This notion is found nowadays in the various rules of poker. Moreover, under King Louis XIV, a game made its appearance. It was the game of ambiguity, invented in France. The game is very much inspired by the game of the bounty with hierarchical combinations, which are the main characteristics of poker.

The very origin of the name poker would come from the German Pochen, which means to strike. Pochen was a German card game that dates back to the 15th century. It is said to be an obsolete version of today's poker, both in terms of its very similar playing tactics and its rules. In the 18th century, poque was a game that had many affinities with poker, but it is a French variation of pochen.

There are no documents other than the various game manuals of the time that could attest to the fact that poker has any connection with pochen and other card games. Finally, the name of the game in English refers to the verb "To poke", which means "to give an insignificant blow", or "to poke".

The Origins of Modern Poker

Poker in its modern version is presented as an American game because it has taken off in the United States. Indeed, the English actor Joseph Crowell is the first to testify about poker. He tells in a book, which he saw in 1829 in New Orleans, 4 players who had a deck of 20 cards and bet on who had the strongest hand.

He had described part of the rules of poker in this way, which was a first in the country. Many writers, several movies made the case of players and poker games afterwards. The game was mostly played by adventurers and cowboys. Later during the Civil War, many variations of poker came into being. Thus, it is widespread in all countries of the world and is experiencing rapid popularity.