The best poker players in the world: our top 10

When you're in business, what could be more normal than to wish for a good reputation in the industry. A poker player's concern is not simply to win the most tournaments. It is mainly about making the most money in order to be ranked best player of the season. Here is the list of the 10 best Poker players of the moment.

Top 10 of the best Poker players in the world

Several big names have made poker history around the world. It is impossible to make an exhaustive list of these big names, as there will be many omissions. We will limit ourselves here to the top 10 names in the directory. Here are our top 10 of the best poker players in the world.

The first name we mention is of course Stuart Errol Ungar. An American citizen, he was born in 1953 and died in 1998. He had a very successful career in professional poker. His fame has also spread to other disciplines such as gin rummy and excess. In the history of gin rummy, he is also considered to be the best player in history. Nor was he any less brilliant at excesses. It was the latter that won him over at the age of 45 in 1998, when he still had a course full of wonders ahead of him.

The second is the American David Edward a.k.a. "Chip Reese". He made a spectacular entrance on the stage. He was diverted from his legal studies, which he never even began with his first victory in Las Vegas poker. With a $400 buy-in, he had a $40,000 win that put him out of law school.

Phil Hellmuth is our number three. His winnings reached $20 million, one of the rare performances in history.

Next comes the famous Johnny Moss. Initially a gambling enforcer, he ended up doing it himself. Indeed, having been introduced to poker by cheating players, he had a perfect mastery of the cheating process. As a result, he was hired by casinos to monitor poker games. Eventually he would pull out a chair and make his way to the table. His fame spread between 1970 and 1988.

In fifth place, we have Doyle Brunson. He actually wrote the super system poker bible that made the secrets of the great players public.

Johnny Chan is one of the few great names to have won two consecutive seasons (1987 and 1988). The pass of three slipped through his fingers in the third year.

Daniel Negreanu capitalized more than 42 million dollars in winnings. He owes this success in part to his incredible ability to read his opponents' games.

Phil Ivey, number 8 on our list, was named best day of the year for the first time in 2005. Then a second time four years later in 2009. He has a dozen WSOP bracelets to his credit.

Ninth place goes to Antonio Esfandiari. According to his biography, his history with poker begins when he first walked through the doors of a casino at the age of 21. His poker winnings are estimated at more than $18 million.

Chris Moneymaker's notoriety doesn't just come from his skill. First, he was the first online tournament world champion with a $2.5 million win.

How to become a better poker player?

As we said before, there are countless better players and playing styles. But the best players all have certain qualities in common that you will need to cultivate if you are going to make a name for yourself in poker. Above all, be mathematically minded. Then cultivate discipline and develop a sense of observation and self-control. Learn to vary your style of play; this will help you when you find yourself at a dead end. In addition, a good capacity of adaptation is useful to be able to exploit the weak points of your opponents. A good player is also a good manager. He knows how to play on the psychology of his opponents. Finally, he has an open mind and always tries to learn more.